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Henry Cardona

About Henry Cardona

Henry is an architect and designer born in Manizales, Colombia. He is a member of ASF Sweden and co-founder of ASF Colombia. Henry completed his architectural studies in 1989 in Odessa, Ukraine. Between 1989 and 1992 he was based in Colombia, where he experimented with earthquake-resistant construction. He returned to Odessa in 1992, where he worked at several architectural practices. After extensive travelling across India and Nepal, Henry moved to Stockholm in 1996 and became a Swedish citizen in 2001. He founded the design company A3D-Projection in 2004 and has since then been involved in various architectural assignments in the field of environmentally and socially responsive design. He became a member of ASF-Sweden in 2011, where he joined the Natural Disaster Group. Since he started collaborating with ASF, Henry has been constantly committed to promoting and disseminating the principles of engagement expressed in the Hasselt Charter and to expanding the knowledge about ASF across Sweden as well as Colombia & Ukraine.

Posts by Henry Cardona: